Which Leagues Have Been Cancelled or postponed?

What was cancelled

March Madness Canceled

The NCAA waited as long as they could before announcing the 2020 Men’s and Women’s basketball tournament were canceled. The mid-major conferences were able to finish their tournaments but all of the power five conferences were canceled.

The cancelation of the NCAA Tournament leaves a major impact on sports betting, where total wages reach over $1 billion dollars every March.

The NCAA also canceled all spring sports competition.

NBA First League to Suspend Season

The NBA made a quick decision to suspend the season indefinitely.
NBA suspended all competition, including Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart, and Donovan Mitchell.

NHL Suspends Season
The NHL followed the NBA and suspended all competition with 189 total games and three weeks remaining in the season.

“Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup,” NHL commissioner, said in a statement about the decision.

The decision came after the NBA announced Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for the virus. Gobert and the Jazz played in three arenas shared with NHL teams.

MLB Delay Opening Day

The MLB postponed Opening Day for at least two weeks after other leagues began to suspend their season.

Opening Day was scheduled for March 26th.

Teams were two weeks into Spring Training before the MLB canceled the remaining games and urged their players to head home. The annual World Baseball Classic has also been postponed indefinitely.

MLS Suspends season for 30 days

The MLS announced their decision to suspend their season March 12th, only a couple weeks into their season.

Similar to the MLB, the MLS must make changes to the early stages of their season.

There has not been an exact date when the competition will resume but it will be no earlier than May 12th. The MLS Championship is scheduled for November 7th but will likely be pushed back unless the league decides to skip the games that were missed.

UEFA Euro 2020 postponed for 12 months

UEFA officials decided to postpone the European tournament until 2021. It is the longest postponement for a sporting event.

With matches being played throughout the European continent, where the virus is most contagious currently, soccer fans will have to wait until next year before they can cheer on their nation’s team.

Other Sporting Events

The PGA Tour announced their most coveted event, The Masters Tournament is postponed until further notice. Other events were still to go on as scheduled without fans but later canceled the events entirely.

Sports betting takes another hit this spring after Churchill Downs postponed the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, until September 5th. This pushes back the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes which follow the Derby.

What is still available?

Virtual Sports

If you’re not familiar with virtual sports, it’s self-explanatory. Virtual Sports are scheduled fixed odds games that use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome.

All bettors view the same schedules and the same outcomes.

Have you ever walked into a gas station or convenience store and seen a virtual horse racing game, that is an example of virtual sports.

Virtual Sports is a great alternative for sports bettors during a global pandemic because it does not require human interaction. Bettors can enjoy a virtual game of hockey or soccer while also making wages on those games.

The most common virtual sports include soccer, basketball, horse racing, tennis, and motorsports. And betting on virtual sports is similar to betting on real sports. You can place bets by picking a winner based on odds.


eSports is competitive, organized video gaming. Competitors from different leagues or teams matchup in games typically played at home.

Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Madden NFL, and NBA 2K are the most prominent.

Millions of fans watch these video game battles on streaming services like Twitch and sometimes TV, while competitors compete for large cash prizes. The major competitions often are held in front of a live audience.

eSports has become a billion-dollar industry and has no signs of slowing down. NBA 2K has an annual draft for their league, where gamers are drafted to play on designated teams in a season format. Gamers are paid and herald as famous gaming figures.

Like virtual sports, eSports provides an alternative for sports bettors. Very similar to real-life sports betting, it doesn’t take much for a novice to jump in, most bets are placed on winners.