Betting laws in Canada

The different provinces and territories in Canada offer slightly different betting laws when it comes to placing wagers on sports.

In order to help you to find out what your area has in place for you, we have put together a breakdown of each of the provinces and territories, to avoid confusion.


Ontario Betting Laws

Ontario is the most densely populated of all the Canadian provinces. It also has an access rate exceeding 90% for all legal-age gamblers.

Here, players are given the ability to use the Pro-Line system to place their wagers. The only thing is that all bets must be a parlay that involves at least two events. This means you cannot create a parlay on two separate incidents within the same event.

As well as Moneyline bets, the over/under market and point spreads are available in Ontario, too.

Quebec Betting Laws

Quebec has had legal sports-based gambling for almost 50 years. Despite this, the laws are still quite regressive.

Players can play either online or in stores offering the service. The game itself is called Mise-O-Jeu: during this, players can create a parlay based on between two and eight different selections.

Nova Scotia Betting Laws

Nova Scotia offers legal betting on sporting events to anyone who is over the age of 18 (though this doesn’t include 18-year olds). As in Ontario, the wagers are offered through the Pro-Line service.

This creates the opportunity to place a wager on at least two events. However, it is a little laxer than Ontario, as gamblers can select the same event to create their parlay, but there must be different teams or players included on the different choices they make.

New Brunswick Betting Laws

New Brunswick is a relatively small province in terms of population. However, it still offers a similar betting option to other provinces.

The Pro-Line service is once again at the forefront. While a parlay can be created here, standard single moneyline bets are not available.

Manitoba Betting Laws

Players who are aged 19 or over are allowed to place wagers on sports in Manitoba. In this province, the Pro-Line system is not in operation, so Manitoba uses the Sport Select service instead.

This gives players the chance to make up to $250 each day on a variety of sports. Just like other provinces, the only wagers that can be made are parlays, but Manitoba still offers a range of markets to create these parlays.

British Columbia Betting Laws

There is no online sports wagering allowed in British Columbia. This works in a similar manner to a traditional brick-and-mortar bookmaker: players can purchase a slip where available, before creating their parlay.

Prince Edward Island Betting Laws

Prince Edward Island is an incredibly small province in Canada. They use the Pro-Line system in order to allow players to place a bet on sports.

Here, a parlay has to be created in order to place a wager, and players must be aged over 18. The wagers can be made both online and in stores.

Newfoundland and Labrador Betting Laws

Sports betting is line with the legal age for drinking alcohol in this province, as players can make a wager as soon as they hit 19. The Pro-Line system is in place to make wagers, and there is a minimum bet of $2 in place.

There is also a maximum total value of bets set at $250 each day.

Saskatchewan Betting Laws

Saskatchewan uses the Sports Select service to give players the freedom to place bets.

Here, there is a range of different sports on offer, ranging from hockey to soccer. The wagers have a minimum and maximum rate imposed, ranging between $2 and $100.

Alberta Betting Laws

Players in Alberta are able to use the Sports Select system to create their wagers. Once again, parlay betting is the only type available. There is also a maximum cap on daily wagers, placed at $250.

Yukon Betting Laws

The Yukon is a territory in Canada. The territories tend to be smaller than provinces, and the Yukon has less than 40,000 inhabitants.

However, the Sports Select system is still in place, which gives players the opportunity to place a parlay bet.

Nunavut Betting Laws

Nunavut is another small Canadian territory. They also have the Sports Select system activated, which means that citizens of this territory are able to select parlay bets on a variety of different sports.

Northwest territories Betting Laws

The options for wagering on sports in the Northwest territories are slightly different from other areas in Canada because it’s governed by a separate entity to the rest.

NWT Lotteries ensure that sports betting is enacted correctly. The Sports Select system is in place, which allows for parlay bets to be placed. There is also a maximum total daily wager of $250 in effect for players in this area.